The Learning Bridge

Life is so full of lessons. Every day we wake up and learn something new, even if we dont realize it. One of the most important way we learn lessons is through our interactions with others. I have learned over the years, that honesty and openeness is the best way to learn…and sometimes the hardest.

We all love hearing great things about ourselves. Its nice to know we are good at what we do, we look nice. But when we hear negative criticism, or feel like we are being “attacked” (by that I don’t mean just physically!) its hard to swallow. Over the years I have learned that there is a very thin line between constructive criticism and being nasty. I am known, more or less, as being a bull dog. I am blunt and keep it real.  I am a nice person, though sometimes people misunderstand my blunteness for rudeness.

I never mean harm to people. And I apologize now for anyone who may have taken words or what I have said out of context. Particularly in the dance world. We all judge one another. We all wish we could have what another wants. But its not them we are angry with its ourselves. Learning to separate “constructive criticisms” from “I said that because I am jealous”~ is an integral part of the spiritual journey.




However, I have come across people in my life who cry wolf. Who by nature, are acting mean due to their own insecurities and issues and try to blame the problems of their life onto other people. These are the people who burned the bridge before they crossed it. Who made way more enemies than they made friends. These are the people with whom I have chosen to distant myself from. In my career, I will often run into people with whom I have some issue with–these people are few and far between. When I do run into them, I am cordial and professional. I will not say bad things. Its life. We are not going to get a long or trust every person we meet in our life. There are some people who I feel very distressed over because I know deep inside, they are not good people….a sheep in wolf’s clothing. They lie and cheat and do what they need to elevate themselves, and then cry and blame others when things fall apart. Those are the people I limit contact with.

Sometimes I am wrong (life lesson)–sometimes the person who comes off being the jerk in the begging, is the person who is abused at home-who has dark secrets-and who has their defenses up. Its a farce.

One of the hardest lessons I am learning is that of letting go. When someone angers me, upsets me, or hurts me…it takes a lot for me to let go and move forward. I bundle that emotion up for a long time. Let it fester. Let it eat at me. I am standing on the learning bridge.

I have decided, after writing this blog today, that I will let go of things. Its best to read that affirmation. I WILL LET GO OF ALL THE EMOTIONS OF ANGER AND PAIN THAT I HAVE FELT AND HELD ON TO FOR TO LONG.

There you go. Its gone. I am at peace. Focus on the positive.