The Art of Surrender

I have a daily spiritual practice. Its starts when I wake up and acknowledge the day-its new after all, all possibilities are on the table. I take a shower saying an affirmation and start the day. I end the day by doing a simple smudging followed by another shower with consecrated sea salt followed by the repetition of another affirmation. I find doing a daily spiritual practice and cleansing helps to keep my mind and soul focused. This doesn’t mean it works all the time! 

On my quest for deeper spiritual meaning, I find daily tasks can be difficult. I work in a business that deals with often needy and demanding clients. Its hard sometimes to step outside the situation and not get to “heated”-this is something that I am learning as I progress.  Certain situations really upset me, and make me angry. And its hard to be a spiritual person all while trying to subdue the little “anger demon” living inside.

Living with depression/anxiety, I often find my reactions to situations can be knee jerk, as I have a difficult time dealing with the anxiety part of the situation. However, I have begun to devote myself to the art of surrender.


Surrendering to a situation does not mean “giving in”–nor does it mean that you are a weak. It means that you are not going to allow that situation or person to control your feelings. You are not allowing the person to have power over you. In essence, you are stepping back (metaphorically or physically if need be!), acknowledging the situation and the issue, and then allowing yourself a moment to decide whether its important to invest emotionally or whether its best to let go and move on?

The art of surrender is also about acknowledging the fact that you can not control other peoples personalities, feelings or demeanor’s. Everyone on this planet is their own person. They have their own sense of the world, and while it may not be in agreement with yours, they are entitled that. Once that acceptance is made, then letting go and surrendering yourself is easier.

When I look back at my past, I find I perseverate on issues that really, in fact, are not important. I do the same with people. One thing I have learned over the years is that some situations, people and things do not matter. Things only matter if you put feelings and emotions to them. And this goes along with people. 

When something or someone is bothering me, I immediately turn my Craft. I will do a spell of release. Sometimes its a lengthy spell, other times its as simple as cutting or breaking a piece of string to symbolize that I am not longer attached to whatever it is that is holding me back.

Surrendering yourself to the Universe is freeing. Its opening yourself up the possibilities that anything can happen….especially when you least expect it. Having negative thoughts, emotions, actions will only hinder the Universe from sending you what you need and deserve at this moment in your life. Its about opening your soul and mind to the idea that by just letting go — all things are yours. 

Here is an affirmation I say daily. The reference to the word “you” can mean an emotion (anxiety, anger, fear, etc) or an actual person:

“You can not break me. You can not make me feel weak or powerless. You can not make me feel like a failure. Only I can allow you to do those things to me. And I will not. I don’t give you permission to control me. I feel nothing for insignificance. I am strong. I have no regrets in my life and wholly know I am responsible for my own choices. You have no power over me.”