Grateful for Thin Wine Glasses

I have a set of wine glasses I have kept in my cabinets for over two years. They are super thin and fragile. I have always been afraid to use them as I feared they would break. My partner suggested I finally take them out of the cabinet, as he said, “they are yours to use.” Which got me thinking of the wine glasses in a metaphorical sense. 


Like the wine glasses, life is fragile. We can chose to stay in the cabinets, or we can experience having our glasses filled. And of course, like the glasses, things may break in life. Hearts, spirits-life is always filled with things that can shatter us. Its about taking risks and chances, and letting go of fear. Fear is what keeps us locked away in the cabinets – afraid if we enter something new, we could break. Our spirits could shatter into a million pieces and never be made whole again. Its about not being afraid to let go.

Sometimes our glasses seem half empty. We are missing essential parts of our selves. We sometimes seek solace in filling up our glasses in things that really don’t matter–materialistic items, alcohol, drugs– self medication. Or we seek to fill our glasses by making choices that we think will make us full. Sometimes we never fill up our glasses with what we really need–and that’s connection to ourselves, love for ourselves and others, and the understanding that we are connected by the Universe. Our glasses will either stay locked up in the cabinet or always be half full.


We always have to remember that life is a journey-even when its hard. That every decision we make, even when it seems difficult at the time, is one that will shape our futures. Every time we speak, think or feel–we are sending out a ripple into the Universe that ultimately is not only affecting ourselves, but those around us-and even the world. If we don’t take risks..we wont learn. If we don’t take chances..we will never evolve.

If we don’t pull ourselves out of the cabinet–our lives will always remain empty.



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