Its Not *OUR* Planet

With the upcoming Climate Change walk–I keep hearing people refer to Earth as “our” planet….I know this is going to be one of the posts that people will either agree with me or disagree–there isn’t middle ground on this one.


It’s not “ours.” To use the word “our,” “mine,” “yours,” infers ownership. We do not own planet Earth. She owns us. I know we live in an age of “eco-friendliness” especially with an emphasis on recycling (which is great and something we do in our household) and “global warming,” –but I think we as humans forget–the Earth has been here a LOT longer than we have. The Earth has been here 4.54 billion years. Humans–give or take 200,000 years…..


To put a bit of perspective on this: Earth has survived more crap thrown at Her than humans have or ever will see in their entire existence. Acid rain, sulfuric air, ice ages, asteroid crashes, floods, droughts, climate changes, continent shifts…and She is still here.

I don’t believe in Global Warming. I believe that climate change is due to the natural nature of the planet. Earth is a living being that grows and changes. It’s constantly revolutionizing itself. It’s a living breathing organism. Now, I do think that humans are nasty little creatures and that we over use the resources that Mother Earth has so graciously allows us to use? And corporate societies where bigger is better are only adding more crap in the air? Of course!..But, do you think the Earth cares?


Truth is, when She is ready to be rid of us all…She will rid us all (sorry Dinosaurs-you just became pests!)……I believe that earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc. are Mother Natures way of performing population control. I don’t see it as humans causing more and more of these “natural disasters,” – they maybe occurring more frequently because humans are overpopulating the Earth and She needs to keep us at a minimum.

When humans complain that there water source is low–it’s not because of Earth–it’s because of humans. When it rains and our water resources are at a maximum…humans are the ones to be the first to suck it all up…then blame “climate change” for why it’s all gone. It’s not the climate change– it’s because humans do not understand the balance between Mother Nature  and our existence. It’s supposed to be like a perfect partnership— 50/50 — give and take– not take and take. Don’t blame global warming or climate change for the humans lack of understanding a mutualistic relationship.

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I am not against those who strongly believe in global warming. We are all entitled to our own opinions. But, rather than wasting money (and gas!) to go and march somewhere where the “big guys” could care less about climate change and Earth (unless an election is coming up and they need your vote)–why not do something to THANK Mother Earth for allowing humanity to continue to exist. Plant a garden, plant a tree.

Who knows how long we will be here. Earth does not belong to anyone. She is just a wonderfully beautiful hostess allowing us to be a guest in Her ever-changing household.

Dear Universe…..

Thank you for knocking some sense into me — literally.

Our refrigerator broke– we found a new one–but we were going to be away. Of course we were going to be away because I was going to be taking a 3 day movement therapy course. My gut kept telling me “something is going to happen,” but I always get nervous when I travel. Additionally, with us away, my grandmother would be responsible for allowing the delivery men to bring in our new fridge.

I am stupidly an “over cleaner”. Its a part of me that I am working on. Its ok to have bits of dust on a table! But if I see it, forget in. I sweep and vacuum at least every other day and am constantly wiping things down. It was always instilled me that cleanliness came before Godliness (or Goddessness???). Anyway, I freak out over the stupidest things when it comes to having a clean house. I have gotten better-but occasionally that OCD bug gets in my head and then the Lysol, broom, Murphy’s oil soap and whatever else I need finds its way out of the closet.

So, I decided since we were going to be away, then the I should probably clean the disgusting mess that was left behind from where our old refrigerator used to be. It was vile. One of those “sweep, vacuum, then get on your knees to scrub the hell out of the floor” kind of things.

Additionally, I have been having feelings of “losing myself” ~ I am currently looking for a part time job so I can leave the full time job I have now that is sucking my energy and focus more on what makes me happy. I was spending WAY to much time on the internet and not ENOUGH time focusing on what I needed to be focusing on.

While I was cleaning, my phone went off. It was my partner asking me to pick him up. As I went to grab my phone I stood up full force and BAM~head on collision with the cabinets. As if I didn’t know there were cabinets there!!!! I got a little dizzy and saw the stars (not in a good way), but brushed it off. Headaches are nothing. As I was driving to the train station I started to feel sick–really sick. But, being the stubborn mule that I am I proceeded to pick up my partner and head home. Two hours later I was in the ER diagnosed with a mild concussion. Oi! So all our plans went to hell and I spent nearly four days in bed asleep. Doctors orders: no TV, no texting, no internet.

Um…so what was I supposed to do??? Well, I slept a lot. My brain needed that.


But, being forced NOT to use “media outlets”– within 48 hours I forgot I even had them! I actually spent QUALITY time doing things I should have been doing a long time ago–before Facebook and Netflix. When I wasn’t knocked out in a cold concussion brain sleep—I was painting, spending real quality time with my snakes (something I haven’t really done in a long time!). I meditated. Sat quietly. Listened. The less I used the internet–the less I watched tv–the less I missed them. I realized that I had become addicted to the media outlets. I realized how much better my life would be if I spend less time reading about  someones cat, a rant on global warming, seeing idiotic posts of dogs doing dog things—-I realized that there is nothing relevant in making my life more meaningful on social media. There is no point getting caught up in text messages about someones dinner or the fact they got a new car. I want REAL life conversation. Not chatting over a machine.

The Universe literally knocked some sense into me. I decided since its been 4 days since I have been on line–and I don’t miss it…I am going to continue not to miss it. I will allow myself an hour a day to do whatever it is I *need* to online–and blog of course!– but it will no longer be to me what it once was.

So Universe, thank you for the lump on my noggin’!!

You Are Never Broken

Lately I have been hearing a lot about people saying how they are “broken.” Typically its when they have reached a low point in their life. 

Sure, we all feel at times like we have been “shattered”—little pieces of slivers of broken glass all over the floor. At some point we maybe reminded that were “broken” into tiny bits when a wound gets reopened. 

But, we are never broken. There is nothing about a person that cant be fixed. All of us all over the world have issues going on. Whether personal or public. Sometimes our problems are so grand that they leave us feeling like a wet mop in a dark dirty closet. And we see no way out. Sometimes are problems consume us. Its all we can think about.


We have all felt broken at some point in our lives. Some of us keep it in and weep privately, others are open. There is always that phrase “one door closes another opens.” Its that one bit of advice I hate hearing. Sometimes we are stuck between doors. One that has closed but can still be revisited and another door in front of us that is ready to be opened, but we are not ready to open it. So we remain in a hall way. Stuck between a door of new beginnings and a door of endings. 

My advice is to remember that you are not broken—you experiencing something that will only make you stronger. And depending on which door you choose–the closed one where you can remain–or the open one—depends on how and when you are ready to move on from a situation. But you are never “broken,”

So coming from a person who used to think I was “broken” ~ here is somethings I do to remind myself that I can be put together.


1. Remember–its all perspective: Easier said than done, I know. But depending on how you look at a situation makes a difference on how you related to it. Losing a job isn’t always a bad thing–it maybe just what you needed–it was The Universes way of telling you that where you were at was not where you were supposed to be. Sure its scary as hell, but seeing it as a new opportunity to find a job or start your own is better than seeing it as a shut door.

2. Remember all the bad times: Yep. That door that was “closed”—well, you can still look back. But just don’t linger there. Think of situations where you felt shattered–torn–broken—a lost soul. Then remember who you have become. Remember that you have a resiliency inside you. If you made it through that–you can make it through another bad time. And truth is, there will always be bumps in the road.

3. Think of it as a challenge: Whenever I feel “broken” I always imagine that I am fighting some invisible force. I need to unleash those superpowers I have and prove to my invisible enemy–that I can win.

4. Don’t dwell to long on the closed door: Or you will miss the one that is wide open. 

5. My mantra: NEVER BROKEN

We are never broken. Just facing a challenge. Make it your own. Learn from is the lesson you are facing–even if you feel like you cant put yourself together again–you are not Humpty Dumpty!