Wherever You Go—-ITS OK!

I am not a big fan of the motto, “wherever you go, there you are.”

It infers that a person is “running away” from something rather than dealing with the issues that they need to at the moment and place where they currently are.

Nonetheless, why does it have to mean “running away” from something? Most often, people need to run towards something—start over with a clean slate. Sometimes that is the only way they can deal with any issues they have.

EVERYTHING is energy. Low or High vibrational energy—it exists in everything. Often people get stuck in a low vibrational area-whether personally, publicly, spiritual, mentally or physically. When this happens it’s hard to move forward. Despite whatever is necessary to help cleanse the energy, sometimes a person needs a change in environment to clear their head.

I always recommend to clients who have this issue, to take a few days away from home- no internet, no phone. Occasionally this is enough for the client to move stagnant low vibrational energy to be able to move onward. However, sometimes people need a whole new change in atmosphere to be able to progress, heal and let go of whatever it is they need. It doesn’t mean that they are not handling their problems—it means that in order to deal with the issues at hand, they need a fresh start.

And we are all entitled to that.

It doesn’t mean you are running away – it doesn’t mean you are weak- it means that you need a fresh start in order to get things in perspective to make healthy changes you need.