Learning To Fly

I recently moved to Flagstaff, Arizona…and I don’t regret it a single bit. As an empath, I was struggling daily with living in the urban jungle. The big city, along with much polluted air, is full of so many different vibrational frequencies from its residence. I was picking up on every little vibration—and in such a dense area as the city, it’s hard to put up blocks constantly.

Making a move to a small town in a beautiful area has been the best decision I have ever made. Living in part of the country where there is miles and acres of land untouched by humanity, has made me more awake and open. It’s also made me appreciate living in the moment. Living in the vastness of open areas of space, has made me realize how small we are in scope of the Universe—and with that so aren’t our problems.


I am fortunate to be able to live somewhere in which I can learn more about myself without the distractions of outside frequencies bombarding me on a daily basis. There is a freedom in that. And because if that, my wings are starting to open farther than I could have imagined. There is a sense of complete wholeness the more I develop my skills in intuition. I am a small piece of vast collection of pieces in the Universe—a small piece of a puzzle that connects all of us, space and time into one single point. Being able to realize this has made me more aware. I am starting to feel like I can fly.