Unplug, Unwind & Be Grateful

After the November 13th terrorist attack on Paris, I was on empathic overload. I woke up the next morning feeling nervous, nauseous and out of sorts. I knew that it was my empathic ability tapping into the collective consciousness of the tragedy. I was feeling everything. I was obviously bombarded with Facebook postings, news feeds,etc. from social media. It became overwhelming. I made the decision to stay off the internet for a few days. I unplugged and went to Wukoki, an ancient Anasazi ruin. I sat there on top of this ancient site, the warm sun beating on me, the wind blowing—and I meditated. And after that, my energy was at a high vibration that I can only explain as deeply spiritual. I felt surrounded by the ancients; their wisdom and knowledge flooding me. I decided then, that I would make it a habit of NOT going on the internet. I knew, inevitably, there would be posts and images of the tragedy in Paris and ultimately the Muslim bashing that would occur afterward. It was time I completely unplugged.
And there is a very good reason why it’s not best to overwhelm yourself with news, especially if you are an empath. It WILL affect your energy in a negative manner. Constantly absorbing “bad news” which is what most news is, will subconsciously create a negative vibration. And as an empath, having yourself constantly “open” is a very bad thing. You will find yourself exhausted, drained and depressed.
Being unplugged has been one of the greatest choices I have made. It’s not that I don’t go online at all; I just limit my “intake” to 15 minutes a day. The heartbreak that occurred in Paris made me realize how stupid social media is. When Facebook began to add the “share memories” posts—and I realized all the insignificant things I had been posting: what I was drinking, where I was going, what I was doing—that really, in the bigger picture, it’s all trivial. And when I started reading other peoples posts, it was the same trivial things.
I decided at that moment that I needed to spend more time doing good things: meditation, journaling and most of all, learning gratitude. As a Reiki practitioner, one of the 5 codes is “just for today be grateful.” Living the reiki principals is easier said than done, but I incorporate them as best as possible into my daily life—and I have been neglecting the gratitude principal. So I started to keep track of my thoughts—and whenever I started to have a negative thought – I would remind myself what I was grateful for. If I felt like I had no money, then I would remind myself that I was grateful that I had a job. If I was feeling sick, I would remind myself that I am grateful that I am healthy. I started living with an “attitude of gratitude.”

In the grand scheme of things, the stuff that we *think* is important is trivial and the things we worry about are inconsequential. Life is about living fully-and encompassing and appreciating all we have; not seeping in the mundane world of the internet and social media.

Year of the Dog

Another year has gone by. For those who do not know, I always consider my birthday my new year; I had my new year on Sunday. Every year I make list of “resolutions” to accomplish in the next year.

This year, I decided to use my dog as a source of inspiration. As humans, we forget so much of our natural essence. We worry about trivial things, forget to breathe. We work tirelessly. And that leads to blockages within our energy fields. It causes us to be exhausted-drained of our energy and life force.


My chihuahua Fox Mulder

I am guilty of that. Very much so.  So this year, I am going to live more like my dog and follow these simple, yet difficult, resolutions:

  1. Live in the moment: I will try my best to be in the moment—even if the moment is uncomfortable or new to me. I am going to learn that whatever moment I happen to be in, is a moment that I am meant to learn from.
  2. Love unconditionally: Probably the hardest lesson of them all. Learning to love unconditionally: even if the person has low vibrations, hurt you, etc. Learning to love and accept that person for who they are….regardless. My dog loves me even when I am in a fierce mood. He loves me even when I am sad. He loves me even if I scold him for doing something he wasn’t supposed to. He loves unconditionally.
  3. Don’t worry. Be happy: My dog is ALWAYS happy. Always. I need to stop worrying over things that I cant control. I will stop worrying over things that I can change. I will just be happy.
  4. Let go: When my dog does something bad, I scold him. He is upset for a few moments and then he is back to being happy. Lesson to be learned: let go. Bad stuff happens. You cant make everyone happy all the time. You will disappoint yourself and others periodically. But……it happens….Let it go and go back to being happy!

Will I be able to do all of these successfully–no, but I can try! I know I will have my “human” moments—but if I keep my dog and his virtues in check, then I think these lessons will be another stepping stone in my growth to be the best person humanly possible. And if I mess up….well….my dog will be there to love me!