There is NO Truth

I have been having to filter out a lot of my news feeds on social network sites due  the continued intolerance and bigotry of the “Islamaphobes.” The idea of not allowing a group a people into a country based on their religion is disgusting and against everything that our founding fathers believed in.

Truth is — there is no truth.

For centuries ALL religions have had radicals. ALL religions have murdered, persecuted and executed those who were not followers of their own.

From 1478-1834 The Spanish Inquisition- who were Catholics, burned, boiled and drowned anyone who was a “heretic”–including Jews, Muslims and Protestants. You weren’t Catholic, spoke up about your beliefs or were a woman who used herbs to heal the sick–well, sucked to be you!


The Holy Crusades (a.k.a. “the holy war”–sound familiar? Sound jihadist at all??) was a Christian war that started from 1096 and continued until 1270. Many Christians decided that they should join the crusades, as it was “god’s will to free and liberate the Holy Land from the clutches of Islam and Muslims.”  Thousands were killed in the name of God. And the crusades were so bad that “where the slaughter was so great that our men waded in blood up to their ankles.”

Christian >>gulp<< jihadists????


Religious bigotry hurts. I was a victim of a hate crime in 2002. I am very much a Pagan who practices Wicca and Shamanism. And I am proud of that. My religious and spiritual beliefs have brought me peace, understanding and knowledge. I wear my pentacle proudly. In 2002 I had my Ford Taurus covered in pagan bumper stickers: “Something Wiccan This Way Comes,” “Pagan and Proud,”-a few Goddess symbols and pentacles. To me it was no different than a Christian putting “Jesus Saves” on their car.


My car was parked in the lot next to the train station. I got out of my car, got on the train and went to work. Little did I know while I was taking care of cancer patients, that someone was destroying my  car. As I walked towards my car, I saw that someone had keyed the entire driver and passenger sides. a gouge that went from the front of the car to the back. Nice and deep. My windshield wipers were broken off and to add to that, a lovely letter was left on my wind sheild.

“Pagan you will burn in Hell. Your soul can not be saved.”

For the first time I learned what it felt like to be a victim of a hate crime. And it sucked. My religion promotes love and peace, just like all the major religions. It teaches tolerance and acceptance and love for ourselves and our neighbors. I did not deserve this.

I ended up taking my bumper stickers off, and hiding my pentagram under my shirts. To this day I will not tell someone my religion until I know they are opened minded.

To assume that all Muslims are terrorists is ignorant. The Quran teaches the same ideas as the bible. And, in fact, when Islam became predominant, they allowed any religion in that believed in the “Holy Book”…imagine that?


Here are some quotes from the Quran–please let me now which of these sound like a jihadist?

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

“The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.”

“The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things.”

Naturally, its easy for those who want to create a religious fervor, to take those words and twist them into something darker to suit their own needs. The same has been done to passages in the Bible–to bend words around to support the cause of a holy war. It happens everyday. Words get twisted to support Pro-Lifers and those against Gay Marriage–despite the fact that Jesus was the one who promoted love and acceptance of EVERYONE.

To believe that those who believe in the Quran are all murderers and killers–is like saying all Christians are part of the KKK. Is it OK to blame an entire religious belief on a few idiots who use that religion to justify their cause? And haven’t other religious, historically, done the exact same thing? Killed innocents in the name of their God?


Additionally, are there not groups of fundamentalists in this country who are doing that now? The Ku Klux Klan has called for the purification of America and are considered extremists. They use their religion as an excuse to kill and torture — and this is in the same country that is considering not allowing Muslims in???

What will be next? Will we start camps like we did in WWII for the Japanese after Pearl Harbor? Will we start reverting back to lynch mobs attacking mosques? And in the end, regardless of religion–do you really believe a God that is supposed to be all loving–really consider this hatred being spewed?

NO religion is the true religion. And NO religion should be used as an excuse to hurt and maim.

And NO country that believes in “liberty and justice for all” say someone can not enter because their religion. Lets stop being hypocrites!

We are moving backwards in time–not forward.

And that alone is scary.