Wounded Warriors & False Prophets

**WARNING** contains explicit language!

I have been holding off writing this post for sometime because I know it will probably piss some people off.

I am writing this after I read an article of a man who wanted to do yoga on plane. He was trying to meditate and do yoga in the back of the plane, instead of sitting in his seat.  When his wife and flight attendants told him to go back to his seat, he went ape shit and eventually got arrested and escorted off the plane. So meditation and yoga which are supposed to keep you calm and centered, somehow brings the FBI on the plane to arrest your ass? Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

I have met and witnessed WAY to many “wannabe” crunchy granola folk–you know the kind I am talking about…..The kind that always talks about connecting to the earth, touching souls, realizing their genuine nature and spreading love to everyone around…..But some of these folks are pretty fucking angry people! On more than one occasion I have met these types….yoga teachers, spiritual advisers, healers…who while preaching peace and love, have a double sided personality that does not fit into the mold of their practice.

I have met people who think they are “gurus” and “prophets”–spreading some false sense of love and peace to their community while harboring some pretty nasty anger issues that periodically come out when they don’t get their way. The people who pretend they are community based spiritual people trying to make the world a better place, but getting pissed off at everything and everybody when they are not in their faux-environment. And I have mentioned money? Yeah. The “I am so gifted that I will give you advise on how to be like me if you pay me; even though I am supposed to be your friend and should help you out for free.”……..What the fuck????

I consider myself a very spiritual person. I am very dedicated to my spiritual path and have been so since I was 13 years old.  And while I am spiritual I keep my feet grounded to the earth. This in turn makes me sometimes I little blunt in my words, a little tough, and a little bit like a spiritual Amazonian woman. There is something that I have learned along the way and its not always something that people on a spiritual path want to discuss.

You cant be spiritual if you cant handle your own shit.

What does that mean? It means you cant talk about loving yourself, others, your community if you are not able to handle your anger, your sadness, your fears, your loss. A false pretense is not genuine. Pretending to be a earthbound spiritual light for the world to envy while on the flip side being a dick, is not good in the practice of spirituality. Building and hiding behind fake walls of peace, love, purity and community because its easier to be that person. Rather than actually being in both your own personal world (being grounded) and the world you have created is not genuine. It is indeed fake.

The most genuine oleo I meet in this crunchy happy peace loving community are the wounded warriors. The spiritual people who have been through some pretty hard shit – stay grounded in reality– but realize that there is so much more beauty in life. The ones that can walk through the darkness blindfolded and naked-and enter the light with pure grace. They are usually the ones who are outspoken, fearless and don’t feel the need to hide behind pretty sounding words to give the air that they are enlightened beings. Spiritual people keeping it real.

Now that’s genuine.

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