Face the Facts: The Justice System has failed African Americans

I am a Criminal Justice major and will be graduating next year and pursuing my master’s shortly after. It is my passion. I was made for this. Why? I want to stand up for those who society has put down and let down: those with mental illness, women, and the African American community. I am a tenacious fighter and believe that the criminal justice system is broken and favors those who society deems as an “upstanding” citizen—primarily because of their skin color and socioeconomic status. And of course, there is this: the criminal justice system has repeatedly let down African Americans time and time again.

I am not going to get into politics, because let us face it, the majority of those involved in politics are old white rich men. But I will say, while racial profiling has an exceptionally long and disgusting history in America. From Native Americans to Mexicans to African Americans, if your skin is not white you are a secondary person bound for a life of oppression. For those oppressed, working harder and adding more elbow grease to accomplish dreams is still not enough. But moving on….

When the police start to racially profile black men and get away with murder repeatedly… there is no justice. And as a person of color, how can you trust not only the police, but also the criminal justice system? THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BROKEN!!! The justice system was created to make sure that those who committed heinous crimes were appropriately sentenced, and yet, here we are!

Ok to be clear: I am not saying all police are bad apples. I know of plenty police officers who are amazing. But, of course, there are those police who think carrying a badge makes them more important than everyone else.

And when a white police officer- who already believes that they are in a place of superiority because they are a cop- pulls over a black man for no other reason than the fact that his skin color is different- and then shoots, brutalizes and kills the man—and we all find out that the person the cop killed was unarmed and did absolutely NOTHING wrong—and his murderer gets a slap on the wrist…Please explain to me how that is ok? Is that really justice? A police officer who is supposed to be fair and unbiased, LITERALLY kills an innocent person because they were black—and then everyone wonders why African Americans are pissed off?? Why do you think!?

Let us face the truth, the justice system- which is supposed to be fair- favors white privileged men. And it when it comes to rogue white police officers, the presumed fair justice system, takes care of their own. Not the black victim nor his family who is ultimately left with a huge hole of grief and pain because their sons murderer gets to go back to his life like normal.

The justice system as failed the African American community.

The rogue racist police officer who uses brutality to unmask some power-hungry  (yeah I am talking to you Derek Chauvin and all the other officers who have murdered innocent black men) need, because they know that they are “protected” by a broken system that shows favoritism.

If any person out there does not recognize the continuous systemic killing of innocent black men by white police officers— and do not see the endless way in which these officers get off so easily in the court system—then YOU are part of the problem.


And as a side note, if you REALLY do not get it, I recommend visiting the Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston, SC to understand better. It was a humbling and profound experience for me and made me realize the oppression of the African American.

A Soap Box Moment

Ok. I need to stand on a soapbox for a moment. My speech of “I am going to change the criminal justice system” has begun. Or not? Sometimes I think it’s so far gone that change is impossible. Yet, here I am accumulating student loan debt that probably will not get paid off until I am dead.

Let me be frank here: The justice system sets people up for failure.

Sorry, it does.

I work (currently) as a Drug Screen Coordinator at a rehabilitation clinic for recovering drug addicts. It’s not the most exciting job, but it allows me to get a sneak peek on the crappy court system that these patients go through. Now, I am not going to lie. When I started his job, I was like “fuck drug addicts they did it to themselves.” Yeah, me being judgmental. I learned from it though.

Yes, there are patients who will more than likely be repeating and repeating rehab for years. You can tell the ones that are only there because the court ordered them to be there to avoid jail time and not that they really want to change themselves.

But then there are the ones who are working their asses off, following rules and doing everything they can to start over again. However, the stories I hear piss me off so bad that I would love to just go to court with these people and tell the judge a thing or to (not that thats his/her fault.)

Here are just a few:

A patient was in a court-ordered rehabilitation class. She was wearing grey shorts and got her period. She asked the instructor if she could leave. The instructor told her if she leaves, then she will be marked incomplete. Her choice was just to sit there and bleed through her clothes or leave the class to put in a tampon and have a mark against. She left of course. And at her next court hearing, she had to explain to a room full of people on how she got her period and had to leave.

A patient is a single mother and low income and can’t afford a sitter. She has to come in and do a drug test. She brings her 3-month-old baby to the clinic, and because we are not allowed to watch the baby while she does her drug test, she gets marked incomplete. Meanwhile, there are six staff members who could have easily watched her baby for the 5 minutes it takes her to do her drug screen.

Another patient is ready to complete his rehabilitation with our clinic. He is still on probation and will have to report to his probation officer for drug screens. Mind you, this patient is working a full-time job and getting his shit together. Our clinic is open from 6a-6p so patients who work have time to come in and do their thing. Now he is on probation and they only do drug screen check-ins from 10a-4p. So this guy who is finally working and getting on his feet now has to leave randomly during his workday to see his probation officer. If he doesn’t, well….back to prison.

These are just a few examples of how the justice system sets people up for failure. It’s frankly not fair. One on hand they expect them to better themselves, and on the other hand,  they fuck with their opportunities to get their shit together.

Can this be fixed? I have no idea. But I can tell you, I will do whatever I can to help people recover and get their lives back in order….somehow…..