The Unattainable

We all have something: a person place or thing that lies just out of our reach. So close that you can touch it with your fingertips and yet it’s so far away. And it not that you couldn’t have it- but just that you can’t. You can’t because after all the wishing, work and desire- it is just not meant to be yours. You relish in your mind, the moment that you have it. Even for a little while. You relish the way it makes you feel. The way you imagine yourself in that place where you always wanted to go. Mending a relationship that was shattered. Holding something/someone in your arms that you can almost feel and smell. Hearing words you wanted to hear. All the magic in the world couldn’t change the fact that what you want you may never get. The proverbial “follow your dreams,” just doesn’t happen. It may to some, but not everyone. We all have an unattainable. And there needs to a moment where you take a breath and accept that the journey has gone as far as it can, and its time to let go.

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The Dance of Ecstasy

I teach a class called “Primal.” People hear that and have no idea what to think. I even had a center remove the class title because they thought it would be “offensive.” Primal is held in a dimly lit room with live drumming. I try my best to create a “cave like” experience the best I can with whatever space is given. I conceived Primal in 2012 after teaching a group of belly dancers, who are normally graceful and ethereal, to become more earthy, more ancient. I told them to let go and feel the sound of the music. During our time together (8 weeks of rehearsals), something started to happen. The dancers began to have cathartic experiences. Releasing anger, sadness, stress. Something dawned on me then—-we keep to much inside. We need to get a little wild to let go of all that junk that’s built up in our system. Or better yet, take that energy and use it towards a willful intention. 


Primal is about letting go and using your own energy to create that which you want to form in your life. Dance is used in ritual all over the world. Even losing yourself on a nightclub floor is a ritual. You are outside of your body. Energy raised during dance, specifically dance in which you just let go,can bring about an amazing amount of spiritual, mental and emotional transformation. You step away from your physical being as you lose yourself in the music.

I was recently reading an amazing book called “The Vodou Shaman” by Ross Heaven (who I strongly recommend as his writing is amazing!). In it there is a section on spiritual communion during dance:

“When we dance we do not use our brains; we allow our bodies to move and our spirits to blend with  the things outside ourselves-the ATMOSPHERE, the mood of the evening, the pulse of the dance floor beneath our feet, the Power of the music. Eventually, we achieve a state of trance, wherein we are no longer fully present, in the sense that our ego no longer vetoes our actions. We are not concerned about how we might look to others or whether we are getting the moves right. We are simply going with the flow. This is the state of ecstasy-of being “beside ONESELF” with joy or passion. In this new state our energy can flow freely through our whole bodies, because it is no longer blocked by the censor of the mind.”

Its that “state of trance” in which you can set your intention on whatever it is you desire. The energy raised in group who are just dancing-leaving their bodies completely to the rhythm of the drums-can invoke so much intensity that the air in the room completely changes. There is a moment of bliss when you realize you are moving in an ecstatic state. That you are joining with the world of spirit because your consciousness is connecting to the Universe. In a group, you are all One. 

And you don’t have to be a good dancer—or a dancer at all—to experience the benefits of just moving. It isn’t about how good you are, its about what you wish to achieve.

Sometimes….you just need to turn on the radio and lose yourself to the sounds.