My New Book

It is small. It took me over a year. But it is done!

Grave Spirits contains a collection of my writing (some published some not) pertaining to death, ancestors, death rites, voodoo and more!

It also contains a bunch of my photography of various cemeteries that I have visited over the years.

If anything! I hope this book makes you a death positive person!

You can purchase it here!



“Onetheism”–The One of the Many

I am constantly learning new things every day. I have always been that way. I am  a major book-worm. I will read anything. I mostly love reading history (ancient is best!) and spirituality books. Combine those two and my addiction for books about the history of religion becomes apparent.

I am a spiritual person. Though my beliefs lean more towards the “pagan” side–what I believe, can’t always be stuck in a box. I am always dabbling in something. Reading and educating myself on religion and spirituality. The ethereal mystical side of religions interests me, but the history of where and how they came into being is what really excites me.

Reading a lot of books about various religions, you begin to learn, that really…..all religions….all spiritualities are one.

There is no such thing has “monotheism” or “polytheism”–there exists only  “Onetheism”….


Nearly every religion/spiritual practice has two things in common: The belief in a Creator and the branches of that Creator that assists humans on their spiritual path. Whether it be Gods and Goddesses, Orishas, Saints…all religions have the exact same system of beliefs.

What makes these religions/spiritual beliefs different from one another is the labeling. When a religion says that they are monotheists-yet “pray” to Saints for help–does that really make them monotheists? When a polytheist says “all Gods are one God,” — then they are stating they are monotheists?

Labels create conflict. When someone starts labeling things that should not be labeled–like beliefs–issues arise. Truthfully, most religious belief systems have the same ideologies: harm none, live a good life and do the best you can to make your human existence the happiest it could be all while helping others. There is a belief that a Creator (God, The Universe, Bondye) created our existence, but because the Creator is so busy–the Creator made other beings to help assist us on our journey (these beings being Angels, Saints, Gods, Goddesses, Lwa, Orishas, etc.) When you start to label a religion or spiritual process as “dark” “mystical” “monotheistic” “polytheistic” ~  you suddenly walk into that world we live in now, where rather finding our similarities in beliefs, we only focus on what makes us different.

I am a Onetheist. I believe in the one and the many. I am dabbler per se. I see no difference in a Wiccan petitioning to a Goddess and a Catholic praying to a Saint. It’s the same thing. I think more people should be onetheists. If we stopped trying to label ourselves as Catholic, Jewish, Wiccan, Christian etc….and just said, “I am a onetheist”–perhaps there would be less religious and spiritual conflict on our planet.