The Unattainable

We all have something: a person place or thing that lies just out of our reach. So close that you can touch it with your fingertips and yet it’s so far away. And it not that you couldn’t have it- but just that you can’t. You can’t because after all the wishing, work and desire- it is just not meant to be yours. You relish in your mind, the moment that you have it. Even for a little while. You relish the way it makes you feel. The way you imagine yourself in that place where you always wanted to go. Mending a relationship that was shattered. Holding something/someone in your arms that you can almost feel and smell. Hearing words you wanted to hear. All the magic in the world couldn’t change the fact that what you want you may never get. The proverbial “follow your dreams,” just doesn’t happen. It may to some, but not everyone. We all have an unattainable. And there needs to a moment where you take a breath and accept that the journey has gone as far as it can, and its time to let go.

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The Universal Ball of Yarn

I came home from a quick run to the pet store to find my grandmother sitting at the kitchen table crying. I asked her what was wrong.

“I bought a whole bag of yarn and now I cant find it.”

She loves to crochet-especially in the winter. So yarn is in plenty at our house. She had literally tore apart the entire house looking for the bag of yarn. 

“I cant find it,” she said, her head in hands. She is 86 years old and when stuff like this happens, its makes her feel like she is senile. I just told her, “stop looking and you will find it.”

“You think so?”

“I know so,” I said as I made my way up to my apartment.

I love when I get to dispense some wisdom on my grandmother, who often is the one dispensing wisdom to me.


We spend so much of our lives looking for things. We forget that the cycle is happening in which those things we seek are already manifesting.

Its when you stop looking when The Universe gives you what you were looking for. And sometimes what you are looking for is right underneath your nose. 

We become blinded by the idea that we have to “look” and “want” something so badly that if we don’t find it, we feel desperate and at a loss. We become anxious, we become lost. We are trying so hard to find what we are looking for, that we become to blind to what is manifesting right before our eyes. Even when it seems that we are stuck in a cloud of doubt, The Universe is behind the scenes creating exactly what you need to evolve.

Humans are control freaks. We have hard time letting go. By this, I don’t mean being irresponsible. Yes The Universe is a magickal thing, but you cant just sit on the couch just expecting The Universe will handle everything. Of course you need to be responsible. But I am talking about accepting that which you can not control, and surrendering entirely to The Universe. Its in that moment that that what you are seeking will manifest. 

That fabulous saying, “it happens when you least expect it,” well its true. 

The best things in life happen when you are not looking for it.

As for the yarn….

My grandmother found the bag a few minutes after she said, “I give up,” and stopped looking.